MMWupload Script Usage Guide

Works on any system!

First, visit this link.

Next, wait for the site to do it’s magic.

This could take a minute or so, so be patient.

Click on fig. 1, locate your Station’s CSV data file from its SD card, then click fig. 2 to confirm the upload.

It’s advisable to copy the CSV file’s name at this point for the next step.

Next, open up the Notebook file (fig. 3)

Now, fill out the five empty fields, leaving the surrounding quotes.

Then, click on the ‘Run all’ button up top. (fig. 6)

If you did it right, you should see the ‘Uploading chunk’ message. (Scroll down all the way.)

Save your notebook, (Top right icon under ‘File’) then rinse & repeat for each CSV file, uploading each file, changing only the file name in the script.

Tip: you can go back to the uploading page by clicking the ‘Juypter’ logo in the top left.

If the script doesn’t run successfully (no dialogue appears below), go to the top menu dropdown: Kernel > Restart & Run All.

If that doesn’t work, it means the virtual machine has self destructed due to inactivity. This is normal, just start over from the first step.