Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR) is the only professionally staffed organization in the UDR watershed working every day to protect and restore this magnificent cold water ecosystem.
FUDR understands that protecting the river must include engaging communities and people, revitalizing local economies, and building strong coalitions at the local, regional, and national level.

The Stroud Water Research Center seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration. Since 1967, the Stroud Water Research Center has been leading the effort to produce innovative solutions for preserving and restoring fresh water. We believe in an independent voice — and in adventure, inspiration, perseverance, and integrity.

UCIAF is an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit foundation founded in 2015, dedicated to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich Italian American culture of Ulster County and support our community throughout Ulster County. We achieve this through our festival, outstanding cultural programs, language classes, monthly membership meetings, our outdoor movie series, trips, and weekly radio show ‘Tutto Italiano’ on Radio Kingston WKNY 1490.Read more…

Funds raised through our activities are redistributed to the community through scholarships, grants to non-profit organizations, and to individuals in need of hardship assistance.

In 1972, two years following Earth Day’s designation on April 22, the Basha Kill Area Association (BKAA) was founded and the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) was established by New York State with passage of an Environmental Quality Bond Act.

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Ever since, the organization and resource have been inseparable.
The BKAA, an environmental, all volunteer (800 member) non-profit, adheres to its mission of “protecting the Basha Kill wetland and surroundings from ecological degradation, promoting education and respect for the environment in general, and preserving the area’s beauty.” Guided by this Statement, the BKAA determined its geographical focus to encompass the 3,000 acre WMA, located outside Wurtsboro, and its 36,000 acre watershed, or lands through which streams flow on their way to the WMA.
The BKAA’s Mission recognizes that this Department of Environmental Conservation managed freshwater wetland, largest in southeastern New York, is an invaluable ecosystem: storing floodwater, cleansing and purifying groundwater, furnishing habitat for myriad flora and fauna, and affording diverse recreational opportunities. Its rich biodiversity is acknowledged in state and county Open Space Plans, while its almost 200 bird species yield designations as An Important Bird Area by Audubon and a Bird Conservation Area by New York State.

Wetlands, however, are extremely fragile and easily degraded by unwise development. Consequently, the BKAA employs a two-pronged strategy, utilizing education and advocacy, to achieve wetlands conservation. Our extensive educational programming enables residents and visitors to physically, emotionally, and spiritually experience these wetland’s wonders. Once connected to the WMA, via hiking, fishing, birding, kayaking, horseback riding, individuals are more likely to safeguard it. So, the BKAA facilitates resource awareness by annually scheduling 15-20 outings, leading countless impromptu tours, as well as managing Nature Watch, where volunteers inform interested parties about eagle and WMA ecology. Additionally, the BKAA conducts on-site water testing, organizes a yearly cleanup, and engages in innumerable venues, like fairs, forums, and workshops, seizing every chance to illuminate a critical natural asset. Amplifying these efforts are an upgraded website, Facebook, E-mail Alerts, brochure, and quarterly newsletter, the Guardian.

Major threats to the wetland/watershed shift BKAA priorities to heavy-duty advocacy, which entails constantly attending town, planning, or zoning board meetings, participating in processes relating to environmental reviews, site plans, special use permits, variances, zoning, Comprehensive Plans, delivering testimony at public. hearings, activating members, hiring consultants (attorney, engineer, ecologist, hydrogeologist), and, if all else fails, litigating. Networking is also a key component in the BKAA’s successful advocacy endeavors.

Whether educating or advocating, and, despite ongoing challenges, hundreds of hard-working BKAA volunteers have steadfastly remained committed to a vow taken 48 years ago to conserve an exceptional Sullivan County wetland.

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed unites organizations working throughout the region to enhance their capacity to effectively advocate for protecting and restoring the Delaware River Basin.
CDRW achieves this mission by coordinating communications, messages, and actions to foster accountability for success at the federal and state levels.
NYenvironcom is a coalition member

The Deerpark Rural Alliance (DRA) is a group of residents from several hamlets in the towns
of Deerpark and Mt. Hope, Orange County, NY.

DRA was established in 2013 in response to the growing negative consequences of
overdevelopment in the region, particularly the numerous issues arising from the unchecked Dragon Springs development on the Shawangunk ridge.

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DRA has been active as a watchdog in alerting residents and notifying town officials about pollution issues, building without permits, and violation of stop work orders through documentation and awareness activities.
From these efforts, the mission has been expanded to working on regional land use issues and helping build new frameworks for land management. Creating paths that can not only preserve a rural character and way of life, but also help to attract positive opportunities for the community and create sustainable growth.

DRA is Fiscally Sponsored by NYenvironcom


Frontier Environ offers consulting, data tracking services, environmentally themed corporate team-building programs, custom environmental solutions, and is a fully licensed and accredited collector and processor of all types of commonly recycled materials, with a focus on ferrous/non-ferrous metals and plastics.
In addition to the collection and processing of materials, we are also licensed for the import/export, production, and wholesale of finished and semi-finished products produced from both new and recycled Sources.


The Tianjin Environmental and Sustainability Committee (TJenvironcom), established in 2014.
Created with the goal of providing a platform for regional stakeholders to discuss and increase awareness of issues pertaining to environmental awareness and sustainability on a commercial and individual level, and to actively identify, develop, and to promote real world projects that can have a positive effect either on the environment or sustainability.
Since it’s founding, the committee has held 2-3 events a year, as well as the annual TReC and TECC programs, and was twice awarded the American Chamber of Commerce in China, Tianjin Chapter committee of the year, in 2016 and 2018.

Business Partners

Forage Pizza is a hyper-local pizzeria serving Neapolitan-style wood-fired pies in Forestburgh, NY, easily accessible on NY-42 and across from Forestburgh General Store. Catch all the seasons of the Catskills foliage from one of the tables outside, or hang out inside the shop and watch a pizza cook in 90 seconds. Start with the Smoked Trout Dip to sample the dough, but the sauce on the Margherita and the red pies reminds you why you’re here. Really good crispy crust pizza. While you’re at it, get a white pie too. 

MapTiler Desktop is the software we use to convert our aerial imagery data into fast zoomable maps. It allows you to load any image or geodata and output a tiled map which can be uploaded to MapTiler Cloud or MapTiler Server.

A part of the Neversink Media Group. Locally owned radio with local DJs and management.