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The Newsletter of NYenvironcom
Welcome and welcome back, readers. We have some good stuff going on.

It’s harvest time, and we in this part of the world can’t help feeling uncannily lucky. Our food supply is steady. Our weather, though generally warmer, is still quite moderate. And we have plenty of fresh water...for now, if we can take care of it. Toward that end, enjoy the fall and read on.

Join us in Forestburgh, All Hallows Eve at Forage Pizza for our first Halloween Feast and Fire Fundraiser. We’ll be having a bonfire, food, and the usual pagan observances. We’re burning a Wickerman. Details below.

If you missed the first of our newest series of newsletters, the Underground - in depth, serialized essays on the thinking that drives Environcom written by NYenvironcom founder, Alex (Al) Scilla, read it in our archives here. Reactions? Refutations? Join the discussion on Facebook here.
The first of three new stations have been installed on Nature Conservancy land in Myers’ Grove, Deerpark, on the banks of the Neversink just below where it meets the Basha Kill, and is currently in testing and calibrating, the next two new stations are going in soon. Watch for them.
We’re in the process of building new and pretty amazing features into our maps that will make it possible, via overlays, to see changes occurring over time. Maps, folks, are just not the same as they used to be.
The Deerpark Planning Board had scheduled a public hearing on October 13th to consider scoping documents for the proposed Rivendale development project. This has been postponed. If you have concerns regarding this project, keep your eyes open for when it is rescheduled and please come, speak and/or simply express by your presence that you are concerned. To bring yourself up to speed, scoping documents can be accessed through this link: scoping-RIVENDALE.pdf ( More details are available in the Deerpark Rural Alliance Update.
See you there.
Comments from experts we have consulted regarding the Rivendale scoping are available on our website here and here.
491 Galley Hill Road
We are accumulating documents regarding this proposed development. Some are already on our website, and more will be uploaded soon. Our concern is that the project’s site is a wetland -- actually part of Lake Helen.
We’re on it.
Stay tuned.
NYenvironcom and DRA were at Fall Foliage in Port Jervis on September 26, of course. We wouldn’t think of missing it. We provided a community update on what we’ve been up to, sold our spectacular trout dip and tickets to the upcoming Halloween Feast and Fire (more on this below).

On Friday Oct 1st we held our rescheduled WaterWalk 2021 in combination with hosting a field trip for attendees of the 9th Annual Del-AWARE River Watershed Forum. Attendees included our friends from coalition groups and our partners from the town of Mamakating.

Our last appearance at the Port Jervis Farmers’ Market will be October 23. Come get to know us before we all begin to hibernate!

But most importantly, come and join us October 31st for our first Halloween Feast and Fire (!) at Forage Pizza. For details, please click this link. It will be a blast. See you there! It’s $80 a seat, all included. To purchase tickets email us at, or you can send us you order directly through Venmo @nyenvironcom, be sure to include your name and number of tickets.
Deerpark Rural Alliance Update
From the desk of Grace Woodard

The Deerpark Rural Alliance has been busy keeping an eye on the action with Rivendale. Our friends Kevin Draganchuk and Paul Rubin have put together their latest comments on the scoping document issued by the Town of Deerpark. We’ve just gotten word that Rivendale’s application has been withdrawn, at least temporarily, which is why the hearing that was scheduled for the 13th did not happen. We will continue to monitor for the return of this project in a new or altered application.

In other news, Susan O’Neil will be giving an update to members of the Bashakill Area Association, during their upcoming Annual Meeting on Sat Oct. 16th, on DRA’s recent activities and what’s been happening at Dragon Springs.
In The Meantime . . .

Well, that’s actually about it for now.

If you can’t come see us at the farmer’s market, write to us via the website. It’s hard to express how much we’d like to harvest your thoughts on what we’re doing and what you might be doing along the same lines.

If you have the slightest inkling to donate to the cause, nurture that! Let it grow! We and the natural settings and ecosystems in the world that we’re trying to protect need all the help and support that’s out there. Your generosity will not go unnoticed or unloved.

One way to contribute is via Amazon Smile. List us there as: Support Mid-New York Environmental and Sustainability Promotion Committee (whew!) Or … get your Smoked Trout Dip at our website store.

Lastly, with our next newsletter we’ll be rolling out a new referral system. Refer people to sign up to any of our free newsletters, and we'll give you credit to use in our store - get yourself some free NYec gear and more. Look for the full details here in the next newsletter.

OK, that’s it.

Oh yeah, and ...
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