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The Newsletter of NYenvironcom
As we approach the winter solstice the familiar shortening of days and lengthening of nights mingle with the less familiar mildness of winter weather that has us sniffing the air for hints of what changes lay ahead for our planet. We can be sure of one or two things for now. Our goodly inheritance of water and land will become more, not less, important. And the holidays will be upon us soon! May yours be happy and merry and bright.
New water monitoring stations are calibrated, installed, and online. Three 3 new stations in all, with one located in the Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area and two downstream on the lower Basha Kill and in the Neversink River where it runs next to the Nature Conservancy Myers Grove Preserve. This data will be up on our site soon, in the meantime you can view it on Monitor my Watershed, select Deerpark Rural Alliance and NYenvironcom from the browse sites menu.

A brief refresher For those who have recently started following us, and for those who have just forgotten, the WaterInsight program utilizes the EnviroDIY monitoring station network and data loggers, developed by the Stroud Water Research Center. Our customized versions of the EnviroDIY data loggers record various water quality parameters, including conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and depth, uploading these data both to the platform, as well as on the main NYec site. We are in the process of developing additional features, such as air quality monitoring, to be added in the near future.
Avictory of sorts. Developers have withdrawn their current site application for the proposed Rivendale project following a public hearing regarding the project’s scoping. So, for now, this issue is laid to rest, but we remain vigilant in protecting this land of flood plains and wetlands along the Neversink. We will maintain our archive of documents relating to this project on the website and Rivendale subsite. If it rises from its grave, we will be there ready to respond once more. More details are available in the Deerpark Rural Alliance Update.
New Century
Something happened regarding a thing called New Century (New Century Films, on 209 and Neversink Drive, former site of the Moonie’s equestrian center)! A site plan hearing can be viewed somewhere online (actually, on our YouTube channel). Check it out.
850 Rt 28
The DEC has fined the owners for discharge and sediment violations. Further details are in the Daily Freeman, and in the DEC Notice of Violation document here. Check it out.
Our Halloween bash at Forage Pizza was a great success with 25 attendees enjoying pizza, arancini, the great burning of tThe Wickerman, a screening of the motion picture classic, “Godzilla ” and a speech on that film (read it here) by NYenvironcom founder, Alex Scilla. A good time and a fair amount of delicious beer was had by all which has emboldened our plans for an even bigger Wickerman for next year’s Halloween. Our auction/raffle also brought in a not small amount of additional supporting funds. Thanks to all our prize donors: Forage Pizza, Sawkill Creek Outfitters, Stonehouse Farms, and the Malsberg, Marusic, Scilla, and Woodard families. See you next year.
Deerpark Rural Alliance Update
From the desk of Grace Woodard

We made a big push on advocacy and outreach with 12 public appearances throughout the summer and fall in our bright orange tent from Port Jervis to Otisville.

And more outreach to invited guests in our backyard to view some of our monitoring stations on the lower Basha Kill, including guests from the Town of Mamakating Supervisor and a rep from The Upper Delaware Council. Host was Bob Majcher’s home along the Basha Kill. Thank you, Bob.

We’ve continued attendance at Deerpark Town and Planning Board meetings (which we often record in video), and continued our F.O.I.L.’ing (Freedom of Information Law) of documents regarding proposed projects. Continue is our mantra.

Last, DRA looks forward to developing a promising environmental literacy program with the Monticello Consolidated School District for middle and senior high students. We are brimming with ideas.
The T-ReX Center

Here we introduce a new project of ours.The Town-Rural Exchange Center, or T-ReX Center as we prefer to call it. Located in Myers’ Grove, it will host, among other things, the NYec satellite office. Work has begun on the restoration of a building that has been unused and fallen into a state of disrepair over recent years. The roof is going up now, with more to follow in the months to come. Look forward to visiting us there in the warmer months!
In The Meantime . . .

Well, that’s actually about it for now.

If you can’t come see us at an event, write to us via the website. It’s hard to express how much we’d like to harvest your thoughts on what we’re doing and what you might be doing along the same lines.

If you have the slightest inkling to donate to the cause, nurture that! Let it grow! We and the natural settings and ecosystems in the world that we’re trying to protect need all the help and support that’s out there. Your generosity will not go unnoticed or unloved.

One way to contribute is via Amazon Smile. List us there as: Support Mid-New York Environmental and Sustainability Promotion Committee (whew!) Or__ get your Smoked Trout Dip at our website store. Our new referral system is online. Refer people to sign up to any of our free newsletters, and we'll give you credit to use in our store - get yourself some free NYec gear and more. OK, that’s it. Oh yeah, and ...
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